Cannabis Legal Reform Advocacy

The primary mission of Vote Pro Pot is to provide accurate, up-to-date, fact-based information about the nature, properties, and effects of cannabis and to try and dispel the misconceptions and outright false information that has accumulated over decades of misunderstanding and often deliberate misinformation.  

Through our online series, Vote Pro Pot-Cast, we attempt to set the record straight about:

  • The nature of cannabis. For generations, cannabis has been painted a dangerous, addictive drug with no legitimate medical applications. We know this to be untrue, as a growing body of research and practical experience are making abundantly clear. 
  • The people who use cannabis. “Pot smokers” have long been considered criminals and undesirables by our government, and hence, by a wide swath of the American public―for no good reason. We believe this to be grossly unfair, and we're here to try to change that perception.
  • Cannabis laws. Successful legal reform depends on understanding the origins of criminalization and the dubious economic/political motivations that spawned it. We explore this history and present, not only the practical arguments, but also the constitutional and civil-rights arguments in favor of reform.

Our hope is that when you have an opportunity to cast a vote for a candidate or an initiative where cannabis legal reform is at stake, you’ll vote for responsible, humane cannabis laws.  

What we're all about

What we're NOT about

Your presenters

Pictured left to right: Andrew Makrides, Jay Britton, Phil Adams

Billing themselves as "amateur experts" in cannabis, Andrew, Jay, and Phil have been friends and musicians since they were teenagers. Bandmates beginning in high school, they each spent years in the music industry and have since gone on to find success in their respective careers―Jay as an executive for a building contractor, Andrew in the hospitality industry, and Phil as a writer.

Those years have seen much change in the culture and legal environment regarding cannabis, and now that there is a formidable legal reform movement afoot in America, Andrew, Jay, and Phil believe the time has come to use their talents and experiences to help this process along. 

We're not here to promote the use of cannabis―or any other substance or product, legal or illegal―for any reason. While we may, at times, extol the benefits of certain cannabis products (and there are many), we’re neither qualified nor inclined to tell anyone what they should or should not consume. Indeed, the whole idea behind Vote Pro Pot is that individuals ought to be trusted and empowered to make their own choices. 

We do not advocate non-compliance with any existing laws. Too many lives have been disrupted and destroyed already by enforcement of unjust, wrong-headed cannabis laws. The last thing we want is for anyone to put themselves in any kind of legal jeopardy for any reason. Our purpose is to see these laws changed, not violated.

We don't celebrate the “stoner” lifestyle―as if such a thing actually exists. The truth is, people who use cannabis come from every walk of life and represent every ethnicity, income level, political persuasion, and demographic segment. It's always wrong to pigeon-hole individuals based on pre-conceived stereotypes, and we don't care to perpetuate them.